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Cheap eGo starter kit

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Choose from over 7 battery colors and 5 ce4 clearomizer colors!! Everything you need in a cheap eGo starter kit.  Great gift to help a loved one or a friend that needs to switch to an e cigarette. 

ce4 Starter Kit includes
1  eGo 350 or 650 mah rechargeable Battery 
1 ce4 Dual Coil Cleaomizer 1.5 ohms
1 eGo USB charger (420 mah)
1​ metal tin 
1 User manual​
*Kit does not include e-juice. Special price at check out. *e-juice required to produce vapor

Package in see through very nice Storage Tin​

Cheap eGo Starter Kit-
ce4 Starter kit
Price: $39.99
​​50% OFF
$16.99 350 mah
$19.99 650 mah​

e-cigarette starter kit sale e-cigarette shop
Bonus Feature: 
Battery button 5 click on/off - helps keep your eGo e-cigarette from turning on accidentally when not in use.​

This low cost not cheap eGo start kit is a good stepping stone for a beginner or someone ready to upgrade from their 510 e-cig.​​

The big difference between a standard e-cig and an cheap eGo e-cig is just the battery size. Standard e-cigarettes are about 150-180 mah. The eGo  e-cigarette standard battery is a 650 mah. The higher the mah the longer time you get between charges.
Working Voltage 3.3-4.2
Complete Length 4.75 inch
Diameter 0.5 inch​​​
Weight 37g
Charge Time 3-4 hours​​
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ce4 starter kit quick instructions:As easy as screwing in a Light bulb!

1) Unscrew ce4 drip tip
2) Using syringe bottle fill ce4 clearomizer (not in the center)​​​
3) screw on drip tip
4) Allow to sit for 1-2 minutes​​
5) screw ce4 clearmoizer to the eGo battery

​Your ready to Vape!

​Our Cheap eGo Start kit will impress. This ce4 starter kit  is so easy to use you'll be wondering why you didn't try our Cheap eGo kit sooner. 

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eGo clearomizer Kit- 2 complete eGo e-cig ce5 rebuildable clearomizer. Complete charge and Carrying case. Free Shipping and 10 ml e-juice only $47.94​
ego clearomizer kit-thumbnail
Only use Vapor Gurus wall chargers or a wall charger that meets the following specs:Input 100-240V/AC  , Output 5.0V+500 Ma. Most cell phone wall units will short the e-cig battery or charger. Laptops and other portable devices are ok to use.
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Mini eGo 350 mah batteries