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Free e-cig kit

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No recurring charges ever! This e-cigarette battery can be recharged up to 300 times .Not a cheap disposable e-cig like on other sites ! Do you want a free e-cig to last you a couple days or several months? With no recurring charges to agree to this free e-cig is better then any free e-cigarette or e-cigarette free trial on the web today. Vapor Gurus e-cigarette kit has everything you need to switch to an e-cigarette today.  30 ml of e-juice or 10 Pre-filled cartridges and get FREE SHIPPING!

Features and Benefits:​​​​
  • Quality e-cigarettes   
  • Recharges up to 100 times (9510), up to 200 times (510)
  • Over 40-juice flavors    
  • No second Hand smoke    
  • No ashtrays         
  • No Standing outside ​in the cold   
  • No Tar or Carbon dioxcide    
  • 6 nicotine levels ranging from no nicotine to 36mg Guru Strong
Disclaimer:These e cigarettes and e juice are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not to replace the advice of your health care professional. By purchasing these products, you agree to use products at your own risk. Under no circumstances will be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that is caused or alleged to have been caused in connection with use of, or reliance on any product on this site. Our products are intended for adults only. Our e cigarette or e juice are not to be used by anyone under the age of 18 years old. Those allergic to nicotine or other PG based products. We do not claim our e cigarettes or e juice are smoking cessations. All e-cigarette Start Kit and E-Juice contain Nicotine which is a highly additive drug.
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Why is Vapor Gurus giving away Free e-cigarette with No Recurring Charges? We believe that once you try an e-cigarette with homemade e-juice or our Boge 9510 you will be coming back for more. You might be looking for a Free Menthol e-cig or an e-cigarette with a great tobacco flavor which ever it is our Free e-cig with the purchase of our e-juice at retail price will deliver. Vapor Gurus free e-cigarette offer is  limited to 1 per house hold.Our system will allow to order again but we will contact you for other option and/or refund your payment.

We are e-cigarette users that switched to e-cigarettes and just want everyone to have a chance to at least give them a try at a fair price. Take advantage of this Free e-cig offer TODAY and pass it on to your friends and loved ones.

Fact:​​ 78% of our customers that purchase our Free e-cig offer order from us again!!! Don't miss out on this incredible free e-cigarette offer!

Thank you,
The Vapor Gurus Staff.​​​​​​​

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510 e-cig carrying case
Vapor Gurus Free e-cigs are  limited to 1 free e-cig kit per household/customer. We have 2 options to choose from and both have free shipping opportunities.

These are Free e-cig offers not trials. Free e-cig trials require you to commit to future automatic chargers. Our offers have NO recurring or and kind of future commitment from you to Vapor Gurus​. Free e-cig offers are normally a disposable use once and done e-cig. Ours are both rechargeable.

Boge 9510 Starter Kit includes:
FREE e-Cig offer​

1x 180mah rechargeable battery
3x Pre-filled cartridges​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ (cartomizers)
1x USB charger
Package in Blister Pack​​

Pre-filled atomized cartridge ​come in either USA Mix from Dekang (Popular red brand Tobacco flavor) or Portal Blend (Popular brand menthol flavor) Nicotine level available are 

This e-cig starter kit is free from Vapor Gurus. Just pay shipping and handling. 


GET FREE SHIPPING!! ​​with the purchase of 10 pre-filled cartridges @$19.98 



The Boge 9510​​ e-cig is ou easiest e-cig to use. Full instruction will be included with your order.

 Line up cartomizer connector with battery connector. Push the cartomizer in and give a quarter turn. Now Puff.​​​​ That's it!!

Free e-cig offer Spec:
​Length: 4.5 inches
Diameter: 0.375 inches​
Operating voltage: 3.7​
USB output: 120mah
Charge Time:  2 hours
recharges up to 100 times​​​

​​​​Boge  is famous for there cartomizers
DeKang is one of the worlds most popluar e-liquid companies.​

                     ​​ ​​​​​​​​​

510 Starter Kit includes:
Free e-Cig Starter Kit​

1x  510 e-cig 280mah rechargeable battery (Black or White)
1x Blank Cartomizer
1x USB charger
1x User manual
Require purchase of 10ml e-juice at full price $5.99 to get this free e-cig starter kit. 
(10ml of e-juice is equal to 15 pre-filled cartridges

Flavors Available: Classic Tobacco, Guru Menthol, Real Cig, Real Menthol Cig, Pipe Dreams, Double Mint, Jolly Watermelon, Green Apple, French Vanilla, and Caramel Indulgence.​​

This e-cig starter kit is free from Vapor Gurus. You purchase the required e-juice and pay shipping and handling. 


GET FREE SHIPPING!! ​​with the purchase of 30ml of e-juice @$17.94 your shipping and handling are on us. about a 3-4 week supply for most smokers



The 510 e-cig does require you to fill your our cartomizer, but unlike the Boge 9510 offer the 510 cartomizer normally will last you a whole 10 ml of e-juice. 

1) Fill cartomizer: Remove Cartomizer cap
Place e-juice bottle tip inside cartomizer
fabric (not the center hole)​​​. Once saturated you can prime 2 drops down the center hole.

2) Screw catomizer connector to 510 e-cig battery connector. Now Puff.​​

Free e-cig offer Spec:
​Length: 4.625 inches
Diameter: 0.365 inches​
Operating voltage: 3.7​
USB output: 120mah
Charge Time: 2 to 2.5 hours
recharges up to 200 times​​​

​​Choose from our top selling e-juice flavors. 
6 Nicotine Levels: O mg (0%), 6 mg (.6%)​, 12 mg (1.2%), 18 mg (1.8%) , 24 mg (2.4%), or 36 mg (3.6%) nicotine.   Milligrams (mg) list are per Milliliter (ml)


Add a carrying case during checkout to either free e-cig starter kit for only $2.99 or pay $3.99 later.
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        FREE OFFER ORDERS YTD 2/01/14 :3,839
WARNING:Only use Vapor Gurus wall chargers or a wall charger that meets the following specs:Input 100-240V/AC , Output 5.0V+500 Ma. Most cell phone wall units will short the e-cig battery or charger. Laptops and other portable devices are ok to use.