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Nicotine We offer: Guru Strong (36 mg), Strong (24 mg), Regular (18 mg), Light (12 mg),
                            ​Ultra Light(6 mg) and Zero nicotine (0 mg) 

Our e-liquid/e-juice is  a 50/50  PG/VG mix

IMPORTANT:Must Be 18 years old or older to purchase E-liquid. All VaporGurus E-liquid contains Nicotine. Nicotine is a dangerous drug, highly addictive and should not be used by pregant woman,women trying to have children, or women that are breast feeding. All nicotine products found on our site like any drug should be keep out of reach by children.You must be 18 years old or of legal age in your state to purchase nicotine products on this site.
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Our homemade e-juice is fresh and made to order with the best ingredients and mixes possible. Robust in flavor for a great unique vaping experience.

                    ​​Due to the fact our homemade e juice could pos​sibly be contaminated before being returned we can't allow returns for flavors you may not like.With that said We stand by "Our Promise" which states
"If you have an issue we will work with you to come up with a fair resolution". 

If you are not satisfied with any homemade e-juice flavor you purchased at full sales price we will replace it with any replacement homemade e-juice flavor of equal or lesser value at 50% off .(this excludes sampler and variety packs)
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47,137 Bottle sold as of 8/7/14

Flue Cured tobacco e-juice camel e-juice caramel tobacco e-juice caramel tobacco e-juice Green Cowboy e-juice menthol e-juice add to cart Clove flavor e-juice add to cart Pipe Dreams e-juice add to cart GT2 e-juice orange cream e-juice GT2 e-juice add to cart add to cart real Strawberry e-juice add to cart Watermelon e-juice add to cart Blueberry e-jucie add to cart raspberry e-juice GT2 e-juice add to cart Green Apple e-juice add to cart Cream soda e-juice add to cart Best great e-juice add to cart Strawberry kiwi e-juice add to cart mango flavored e-jucie add to cart best apple e-juice add to cart Angel Dust e-juice Trippin Bear e-juice add to cart add to cart White Zombie e-juice add to cart Bloody Valentine e-juice add to cart Monkey Juice e-juice add to cart Citrus Meth e-juice add to cart Mountain dew e-juice add to cart lemonade e-juice add to cart Pina Colada Flavored e-juice add to cart Monster e-juice add to cart Raspberry lemoande e-juice add to cart add to cart blueberry lemonade e-juice add to cart Snow Tea e-juice add to cart coffee e-juice add to cart Psycho Melon e-juice add to cart Pomegranate Tea e-juice add to cart add to cart Walasperry e-juice add to cart tutti Fruitti flavoredde-juice add to cart Apple pie e-juice add to cart add to cart skittles flavored e-juice add to cart Polar ice e-juice add to cart Citrus mix e-juice add to cart Red oak flavored e-juice Butterscotch flavored e-juice add to cart add to cart Vanilla Butternut e-juice add to cart Butter toffee e-juice add to cart Double Mint flavored e-juice add to cart Pumpkin Spice e-juice add to cart Sticky nuts e-juice #1 selling e-juice
The Top 10 selling e-juices are updated weekly and are based on store and internet sales from the previous week.
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